From showing what you have to tracking what you want, CompleteSet is your definitive guide to collectibles.

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Our Story

CompleteSet started with a simple idea — to transform printed books about collectibles into a beautiful website and app. I began collecting Star Wars memorabilia in 1995. As a kid, I frequently visited toy shows, comic shops and retail stores hunting for the next addition to my evergrowing collection. Inspired by the incredible collections owned by collectors like Steve Sansweet and Gus Lopez, being a collector quickly became my favorite hobby. I never imagined that twenty years later, I’d have the opportunity to turn that hobby into a career. CompleteSet is the culmination of everything I know and love about collecting — the history, the community, the hunt. To turn this dream into reality, we’ve assembled an amazing team of talented people to build the future of collecting in the city where some of your favorite toys were created. Our mission is to archive the world’s collectibles and help collectors track, buy, and sell them. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

— Gary Darna, Co-Founder & CEO

Our Team

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