Whovians and fashionistas unite! Hot Topic has released a beautiful line of Doctor Who fashion that is sure to thrill fans of the hit BBC series. Dresses, sweaters, and even a tweed capelet make this collection unforgettable.

Fourth Doctor Striped Cardigan

If the goofy, toothy 4th Doctor, flawlessly portrayed by Tom Baker, is your favorite, this cardigan based on his scarf pattern is for you.

Eleventh Doctor Dress

Considering the 11th Doctor was my first and favorite, I am especially partial to this dress. It even includes a bow tie, because as you know, bow ties are cool.

Doctor Who Fair Isle Open Cardigan

This sweater may be covered in Weeping Angels, Daleks, and Cybermen (oh my!), but I bet it is still super comfortable. It will be great to wrap up in while watching the Christmas Special.

Galaxy TARDIS Dress

You’ll feel like you are traveling through all of time and space in this galaxy-printed dress. The Peter Pan collar adds a cute flair to an out of this world piece.


When traveling with the Doctor, it’s not unusual to end up somewhere unexpected. Be prepared for the colder planets with this navy TARDIS Coat, complete with Gallifreyan text on the lapel, and lined with van Gogh’s tragic work, “The Pandorica Opens”.