As you wander the Wasteland for bobbleheads and toy monkeys, keep an eye out for these collectibles that can level up your collection in real life. Vault Tec thanks you!

You can temporarily increase your Strength by getting your very own T-60 Power Armor ($10.99). It will be difficult to fit inside of this FunKo Pop!, but no one ever said it would be easy fighting for the Commonwealth. Besides, you can keep this power suit around long after you run out of Fusion Cores, and it will be much, much easier to store.

While you’re wandering the cold wasteland, you can increase your Perception stat +1 by wearing this Vault-Tec Hard Work Cap ($22.00) from Bethesda. It’s stylish and neutral, and should match everything from your vault jumpsuit to that sweet tuxedo you’re using to get discounts while trading. If beanies are more your style, worry not dweller! You can show your Vault pride with Bethesda’s Vault 111 Beanie ($22.00).

Once you have increased your Endurance, you can make use of the lunch box you found in your Fallout 4 Vault 111 Loot Box ($99.99) with no worries of irradiated food. This collection from Think Geek is a great way to show your Vault 111 pride, and overall Fallout fandom. Bonus! This Loot Box even comes with a +1 Intelligence Bobblehead! All of the dumb dwellers will search the entire wasteland while you will have yours delivered right to your door.

Does your family give your a hard time over your gaming addiction at Christmas? Increase your Charisma with the Vault Tec Christmas Sweater ($54.99) and Grandma will be too charmed to ask you when you’re going to meet a nice boy/girl/synth/uh.. dog. If the wasteland is too hot for you, you can try out any of these Fallout 4 tshirts and see if they do anything for you. Grandma may not be charmed, but you may get a +1 Charisma with your gender of choice!

Start here with your very own Pip Boy ($199.00 on XBOX One and PS4) to increase your Intelligence. The Pip Boy release was extremely coveted amongst collectors and gamers alike. If you hurry, Amazon has just restocked their supply! If you’re already playing, you can also get the Fallout 4 Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide ($40.00) for all of the things you haven’t figured out how to do yet.

Great news dweller! Now that you’ve increased your Agility, you’re much better at Melee weaponry! You can attack from further away, and even hit multiple targets! Here is the Vault Boy Melee Weapons 111 Bobblehead ($15.00) to celebrate! (There is an ongoing battle online debating if this bobblehead is from Fallout 3 or 4. You decide. It has Vault 111 in the title, but was a bobblehead found in Fallout 3.)

Now that your Luck has increased, you’ll be finding so many bottlecaps in the wasteland!  What are bottlecaps?  Well, they look a lot like this Nuka Cola Bottle Cap Keychain ($10.50) and are used as currency in the game.  Of course, if Pre-War Money is more your style, you can store it all in your Fallout 4 Vault 111 Wallet ($16.99) from Think Geek.

None of these collectibles really your style?  Don’t worry, there are many more options to be S.P.E.C.I.A.L.