Every winter, the holidays force us out of our houses and away from our computers and televisions. Our consoles spend the holidays alone as we shop for Christmas gifts, dine at holiday feasts, and ultimately spend time with our families (it’s okay Playstation, I know who really raised me all these years). While you’re out in the cold, here are some sweaters to warm your fragile human flesh, and show everyone just how much of a nerd you really are.

Doctor Who TARDIS Sweater
released in November 2015 by Hot Topic

The great news about this sweater is that it doesn’t have that “ugly Christmas sweater” feel to it, so you will be able to wear this year round as the cold demands. It’s also not too loud, despite it being a very obvious Doctor Who sweater. All in all, I think the good Doctor would approve. If you’d like to see more great Doctor Who apparel, check out Caitlyn’s article about the recent launch by Hot Topic.

Gremlins Knit Sweater
released in October 2014 by Mondo

The first Gremlins movie released in 1984, so sweet baby Gizmo has earned his right to be well represented at your holiday festivities.  This sweater is definitely in the classic Christmas sweater format and the first movie was set during Christmas so it makes sense.  Fortunately this cute little fluff ball and his evil friends are so famous, even Grandma might like what you have on for a change.

Star Wars AT-AT Christmas Jumper
released in November 2015 by Numskull

There are literally over a hundred options for Star Wars sweaters, so I did you the favor of picking something holiday neutral. This AT-AT sweater even has a bit of a Frozen feel to it. If Elsa were a Jedi with special ice powers instead of a lame… whatever she is; this would be the sweater for you. At least this means your niece will think you’re the coolest! If you really do want to represent Frozen, we got you covered there, too.

Friday the 13th Knit Sweater 8-Bit Glow In the Dark Variant
released in September 2015 by Mondo

If horror films are more your style, I didn’t want to leave you out (you know, for safety reasons). This one might be a little too bloody for younger family members, but kids love being traumatized! If Jason Voorhees isn’t quite your taste, don’t worry as his sick, demented brothers tagged along just like yours always does.

Playstation Symbols Christmas Jumper
released by Numskull

This sweater is really a smart buy. It has that ugly Christmas sweater vibe, but there isn’t anything particularly Christmas-y about it. It is clearly a devotion to Playstation to the discerning gamer eye, but to anyone who doesn’t know that those are buttons, it almost looks like something a Kindergarten teacher would wear. Yes, it’s settled, if you have a PS4, you must also have this sweater. Or, you could get this one you’re not going for subtle and also are more of the old school Playstation, PSOne crowd.

Fallout 4 Christmas Jumper
released by Numskull

This unassuming sweater honestly looks like something your Grandma would wear. Fallout 4 has the best 50’s diner vibe around, and really, who didn’t love the 50s?  I already showered this sweater love in my article on Fallout 4 collectibles, but it was too good to disclude.

Pokemon Boyfriend Cardigan
by Welovefine

I am definitely cheating on this one. For one, it’s a cardigan, not a sweater, and also it is not even remotely ugly. However, once I saw those Pokeball buttons, I had to include it. Your cousins will think you’re awesome, but the rest of your family will probably just wonder why you have strange little buttons and a happy creature on your chest. Little do they know that he’s actually a powerful pocket monster!

Captain America Uniform Sweater
by Welovefine

Nothing about this brilliant Captain America sweater has anything to do with Christmas, except that Christmas has something to do with America, and Captain America is America, and AMERICA! This is a really great buy if you want something that you can wear year round and will double as a Fourth of July sweater for the fireworks. July?  Sweaters in July?! Have you ever been to the North at night in July? It can get a little chilly.

Classic Sonic Christmas Jumper
by Numskull

This sweater is a must have for anyone who has played video games pretty much ever. This high speed side scroller launched in 1991 directly into our hearts. I remember watching my cousin play this when I was too small to hold the control, then I played it in the 90s, and now my nephew plays the games that feature Sonic, but seem completely foreign to me. What do mean Sonic is at the Olympics? Why on earth is he there? Is he after the rings?! Sonic, no!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Fair Isle Cardigan
released in 2015

Again, we are breaking the rules for the sake of fashion. Nothing says Christmas like Jack Skellington’s bony face, gravestones and Oogie Boogie! In all seriousness, the Nightmare Before Christmas plays in my house year round, but in concentration from October 1st to January 1st so this is my ideal Christmas sweater. The best part is it’s not your traditional Christmas sweater, and you can totally wear it with leggings.

Winchester Brothers Cardigan
released in 2015

Nothing says happy holidays like demon possession and daddy issues.  I would totally wear this to Christmas dinner which means you probably never, ever should. Christmas is technically a pagan holiday, so it only makes sense to wear a giant pentagram on your back, right?

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Holiday Sweater
released in 2015

Now that we’ve shown you enough sweaters to piss off Mom and make her ignore you until next year (which is less than a month away; weak!), here is a classic to neutralize the burn. There is literally nothing more classic than Minnie and Mickey at Christmas time.  The only way this sweater could be even more classic Christmas is if they were portrayed as their Mickey’s Christmas Carol characters, the Cratchits. We love you, Mom!