If you were anywhere near social media over the last week, a fan of Jimmy Kimmel Live or you’re just “in the know” when it comes to comic book films, you realize that Wonder Woman had a really big week as we entered December. The internet was abuzz as, after years of false starts for her own film (even after diligent work by the likes of Joss Whedon), she joins the other two thirds of DC’s iconic trinity in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Well, to say she “joins” is a bit of an understatement as she steals the spotlight for the film’s second trailer.

As I recently discussed when reviewing her first appearance in the pages of All-Star Comics #8, she is so much more than a simple hero to her fans. As detailed in Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroinessince the 1940s Wonder Woman has evolved in many unpredictable ways, shaped and transformed as an icon by the cultures she has existed in.

From Amazonian warrior, to a protector of society, to an icon for feminism, there are many elements to her as a hero. Ever the warrior and protector, she has gone toe-to-toe with both Superman and Batman over the years. That said, I love to see alternate takes on her personality and when Quantum Mechanix (QMx) mentioned they were adding her to their Q-Fig Figure lineup, I was excited to see what they would create. Always playful, I’ve loved their interpretations of Batman, Superman, Catwoman, and even the Ghostbusters and Big Bang Theory previously. This line captures whimsy perfectly and here we present a look at their upcoming Wonder Woman addition.

Here are the official details on this Wonder Woman Q-Fig Figure

“Whatever you call her – Diana of Themyscira, Amazonian Princess or Wonder Woman – she is a feminist icon with superhuman strength, superior intelligence and remarkable grace. Our Wonder Woman Q-Fig Figure springs into action with her trademark tiara, bulletproof bracelets and Golden Lasso of Truth, while holding a play-sized version of her stealth invisible jet. Captured in a joyful pose, you can sense her exuberance.

This charming chibi-style figure designed by Mohammad “Hawk” Haque includes a whiteboard speech bubble and marker for writing your own phrases or sound effects. Wonder Woman is just one in our series of DC Comics Q-Figs, so be sure to check out the rest of our amazing superheroes! Stay on her good side, though, because this sexy little royal can kick some serious butt!”

This figure stands 3.37 inches tall. It’s made of PVC and priced at $14.95. Look for it soon from Quantum Mechanix and look for the new film to hit theaters March 25th, 2016!