The association between Character Options and the Doctor Who franchise goes all the way back to 2005, the very beginning of the modern era of the show. They have been cranking out acclaimed figures since that time, even winning the Toy Retailers Association’s Boys Toy of the Year Award in 2006. That said, the partnership with Underground Toys during the Matt Smith (11th Doctor) seasons really took things to the next level. Since then they’ve been producing figures both historic and new, and fan devotion (and collectibility) has only grown as each release garners excitement and anticipation. We’re pleased to share the early word on three figures available for pre-order now at comics stores coast to coast. Solicited in the December issue of Previews, the newest figures have been unveiled including the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann), Clara Oswald, and Missy (The Master). Joining the Doctor Who 5-inch Action Figure line from Underground Toys, each of these figures looks great!

Doctor Who 8th Doctor 5 Inch Vinyl Figure Item Code: DEC152180 – SRP: $24.99

From Underground Toys – “I love humans. Always seeing patterns in things that aren’t there.” The Eighth Doctor was an effortlessly charming, romantic figure. After many adventures with many companions, the Doctor’s fate is finally sealed during the Time War, as he attempts to rescue a pilot, Cass, whose ship was crashing into the planet Karn. When Cass realised that the Doctor was a Time Lord and her enemy, she refused his help and allowed the ship crash. This Collector Series Eighth Doctor figure from the “Night of the Doctor” mini-episode comes with a Sonic Screwdriver, Karn Chalice, and Cass’s Bandolier.

Doctor Who Clara Oswald 5 Inch Vinyl Figure Item Code: DEC152179 – SRP: $24.99

From Underground Toys – Clara Oswald is one of the Doctor’s most extraordinary companions. In order to help the Doctor she allowed the time winds to tear her into countless different iterations of herself living and dying all over time and space, like echoes. The Doctor finally discovered the truth about Clara on Trenzalore and was able to save her from the threat of the time winds. He brought her safely back to Earth where she began a job as a school teacher and was present when he regenerated in into his twelfth incarnation. Since then they have gone on countless adventures together. This version of Clara sports a purple dress.

Doctor Who Missy 5 Inch Vinyl Figure Item Code:  DEC152179 – SRP: $24.99

From Underground Toys – Missy (the Master) is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. The Doctor and the Master were friends in their youth and both chose to ignore their people’s policy of non-intervention with other species, but unlike the Doctor, Missy chose to travel the universe causing chaos and revelling in wickedness on an epic scale. When Missy allied herself with the Cybermen she planned to convert the dead of planet Earth, “upgrading” the fallen into a vast army of steel soldiers.  Her plan defeated, a solitary Cybermen appeared to destroy Missy. Who knows if Missy’s latest disappearance is just part of another diabolical master plan? Pre-order them now at your local comic shop!