If you are a reader of The Walking Dead comic series, you know just how massive an impact Negan has had on the story. From the pivotal, ultra-violent role he played in issue #100 (also his first appearance) to his more recent impact on the tale (issue #148 for example), he’s a character that instills fear. Since he first walked into a panel with his baseball bat (hello Lucille) in hand, he’s fascinated and kept readers on the edge of their seats with his foul mouth, crude humor, and sociopathic unpredictability.

Now, we’ve learned that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will play Negan in the television series, and his coming has been hinted at in a prologue video in the first half of season six. The series returns in February, but we wanted to share a new collectible honoring this character that is a “must own”. This Walking Dead Negan Vinyl Bust Bank is available for pre-order right now, arriving in spring 2016, and it could easily be paid for if you follow my simple three step plan.

Step 1 – Re-read issues #100 to present of The Walking Dead as a refresher on the character,

Step 2 – Pay yourself a quarter each time Negan swears within the series,

Step 3 – Hand this money over to Diamond Select Toys and collect your Negan bank (with enough left over for drinks!)

Such swagger!

Quite honestly, Negan swears often enough in the comic series that you could play this game with dimes and still come out ahead. In fact, we’re left wondering just how they plan to transition his style and dialogue to the television series. No matter your plan, it’s time to catch up on Negan’s story, grab some cool collectibles, and count down the days until the Dead returns!