With her feature film debut on June 3rd, Wonder Woman will be taking her place amongst the pantheon of great DC characters. Although she hasn’t been featured much as a solo character action figure, the new Wonder Woman movie will be a great opportunity to find a great deal of merchandise. So we’re focusing on what we consider to be the top five coolest Wonder Woman figures on the market.

Our first choice Mattel DC Comics Multiverse’s six-inch  Wonder Woman Movie Masters 6" Action Figure. This Wonder Woman action figure (exclusive through Toys'R'Us)  is one of the more accurately detailed on the market. With twenty points of articulation, and accessories like a gold plastic sword with silver imprinted blade and silver plastic shield, this Wonder Woman action figure can serve as the high point of your collection…and makes a great collectible to boot!

Not to be outdone, Funko  has not just one, but two Wonder Woman-related vinyl figures that deserve your attention. The first is the Entertainment Earth exclusive Diana Prince movie tie-in figure. This Wonder Woman Funko Pop figure features Diana in black hat, glasses, and brown coat and skirt (along with removable shield). On the other end of the spectrum is the Invisible Jet Pop figure.

That’s right. Funko  is making Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet a stand-alone Pop figure. Twelve inches long with an 8-inch wingspan, the Invisible Jet is one of the largest Funko Pop figures available on the market. It’s so big, in fact, that the cockpit will even fit one of your many Funko Pop figures. (Although to be fair, it does come with a "classic" Wonder Woman Funko Pop figure to make it complete).

Our next choice is the twelve-inch Wonder Woman figure from the animated Justice League: Action series. Capturing the sleek look and style of the new animated series, this Wonder Woman figure comes with knee articulation, allowing you to create a variety of action poses. With its sleek styling and detailing, this 12″ Wonder Woman action figure also comes with an enhanced battle suit. If you’re looking for something to spearhead your Wonder Woman collection, this is one figure you don’t want to miss.

Finally, LEGO doesn’t just have a great Wonder Woman figure, but a really cool playset with two LEGO figures. Part of the LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes line, the Warrior Battle playset features mini figures of both Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, as well as 286 pieces to build Trevor’s fighter plane and a brick-built Ares figure. Not to be outdone, all three LEGO figures come with accessories: Wonder Woman has a silver plastic sword and shield, with gold imprinted accents, blue plastic hood, and blue fabric cape; Ares has a gray plastic sword and shield, and Steve Trevor’s accessories include two gray plastic weapons.

With Wonder Woman making her big screen debut, there are many opportunities to find some great collectibles. We’re hoping that these five selections get you excited, but more importantly, kick-start a deep love for Wonder Woman action figures!