You begin your day trying to capture consciousness, climbing out of bed in your Vader Underoos and lounge pants. You stagger into the kitchen and accidentally grab that box of vintage C-3P0’s cereal you bought last week (for the Stormtrooper mask on the back, obviously) and to your horror, open it. Deciding to save that misery for later resolution, you opt for eggs and bacon only to be distracted by the Star Wars grapes in your fridge. It’s an epic emotional duel that would do Kylo Ren proud as you know you should eat more healthy, but that Dark Side Frozen Custard is just calling your name with tasty goodness. Resolved to stop at eggs and bacon, you dig your way back through all the action figures you have strewn around the kitchen (it was an epic battle last night). Finally, you push that Star Wars Monopoly game (really, no Rey?) right off the kitchen table only to bump into your drab, old, undecorated plate and silverware set. What is a loyal lover of all things Imperial to do? Obviously you saddle up to your computer, call up ThinkGeek, remember the fallen Death Star and all your Stormtrooper comrades with a single tear and snag a set of appropriate dinnerware specifically for the occasion! The Star Wars Death Star Dinner Set (which coincidentally also works for breakfast and lunch) is officially licensed and a ThinkGeek creation exclusive. It comes with the Death Star on the plate, Star Destroyer and TIE Fighters on the placemat, and themed 3-piece flatware set (fork, spoon, knife) all for just $24.99. If the Empire isn’t your cup of tea (on in this case plate of dinner), you can also visit Cloud City, join friends for a quick bite on Tatooine or store your frozen food on the ice planet Hoth. No matter the location, eat up my friends. With this newest unveiled set, the Dark Side is serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in style!