If you are a week to week comic reader who lives for New Comic Day (aka Wednesday) just so you can race to your local comic book store, you know the pain that comes with the end of each calendar year. Just when you are locked into all that extra holiday time with the family, you find yourself out of new comics to read due to the annual “skip week” which happens right around Christmas.

Depending on the timing of the holiday, Diamond Comic Distributors typically has a week were it puts out a very limited number of new issues or adjusts the shipping dates actually moving New Comic Day away from Wednesday. This has also become a time when event kickoff or specialty issues from Marvel and DC herald (read tease) what’s to come in the new year. It’s always a moment of excitement and let down as you get just enough story to know something exciting is on its way, but the individual comic issues are often designed to leave you wanting more (and sometimes scratching your head regarding what you just read).

This year, it’s going to be easier for fans! Diamond’s release schedules back up the fact that it’s going to be business as normal for 2015 since Christmas falls on a Friday. The pre (December 23rd) and post (December 30th) Christmas Wednesdays will be uninterrupted and loaded up with comic goodness. Just one more reason to support your local comic book stores this holiday season (and check out this great shopping guide for gift ideas).