Many of the characters in Skylanders have variants, some have several variants and it’s a collector’s nightmare. How do you know which ones you need? How do you know which should take priority? Many of the variants are just a clever paint job. To help, here are five variants of Magic Skylanders worth tracking down. It’s important we note here that the Magic category has more variants than the other elements and this list is not all-inclusive.

Punch Pop Fizz released by Toys For Bob in 2012

Punch Pop Fizz was a very special variant. He was only available outside of special promotion in the USA as part of a three pack. He was, however, released individually in Europe and Australia. In game, his variant does have red skin but otherwise has the same gameplay as the non-variant. I personally got my boyfriend the Love Potion Pop Fizz as a Valentine’s Day present, so I won’t be seeking this one out. I chose Love Potion Pop Fizz for his in game variant; it’s pink!

Dark Spyro released by Toys for Bob in 2011

Dark Spyro was the rare variant where he’s actually considered his own character. He has a separate back story from original Spyro and posses the ability to call upon dark power in game (which is something regular Spyro can’t do). He’s considered rare because he was initially available only with the Dark 3DS starter pack for Spyro’s Adventure.

Metallic Purple Wrecking Ball released by Toys for Bob in 2013

Wrecking Ball is a cute little character released with Spyro’s Adventure.  He is one of the few Skylanders that has two of the more collectible variants; a Metallic Purple variant as well as a Glow-in-the-Dark variant!  He is also a rare little fellow because he and Slobbertooth are the only two Skylanders who eat their enemies!

Royal Double Trouble released by Toys for Bob in 2011

Double Trouble is a very fun character to play. His dialogue is witty and his abilities become quite powerful. Royal Double Trouble is considered a purple variant and is one of only two Skylanders to have a monarch-related title (the other being another variant, King Cobra Cadabra).

Enchanted Lightcore Star Strike released by Toys for Bob in 2013

This is one of those rare cases where I am going to say that I don’t like the paint job on this special edition. The regular Lightcore Star Strike is pictured below. Technically, the Enchanted Lightcore Star Strike (pictured above) is more collected, but as happens with many of the Legendary Skylanders it was given a monochromatic paint job. Black is the predominate color here and it loses a bit of its whimsy. That said, some collectors prefer the monochromatic paint job of the Legendary Skylanders, so I’m sure they’d be happier with the Enchanted variant here.