If you bump into them, the Living Dead Dolls make a clear impression on the viewer. Even fans of the long-running franchise are not likely to forget these pint-sized nightmares as they continue to be unveiled. This toy line from Mezco Toyz holds the title for the longest continually running series of collectible horror themed dolls, and they’re willing to haunt every waking hour of your day to hold onto that designation.

We’ll close this article with a bit of history and the newest announced wave of dolls (#31), but first, here are seven standouts from their CompleteSet archive that we’re certainly not going to forget.


Released by Mezco Toyz

Marion in the shower scene from Psycho is such an iconic Hollywood moment. It changed the way horror films were marketed and has been celebrated for its masterful execution ever since. Here, we return to the infamous Bates Motel, which you can confirm by the logo on the doll’s bath towel. Scream along with her as “mother” comes calling.

Inferno As The Red Queen

Released by Mezco Toyz In 2010

The eyes really set this one apart. She will have you screaming “off with her head” before you know it as you add this determined doll from the Wonderland series to your collection. Count me as “gone through the looking glass” as I try and get away from this eerie little masterful doll creation.

Headless Horseman

Released by Mezco Toyz

Give a character a pumpkin head and you have me as a fan. Here though, the slightly deformed and anthropomorphic nature of the pumpkin’s sagging visage adds an extra element of creep. The head even detaches so the doll can be displayed with its head in place or at its side, revealing his stump of a neck. Hauntingly magical!


Released by Mezco Toyz

Cute, creepy, and full of holiday cheer? If I noticed this one crawling out of my Christmas stocking, I would still be in hiding come next Halloween. Given the holidays are now behind us, I think I’ll put this one in the past also and move to my next choice in this dollhouse list.


Released by Mezco Toyz

Those last few were so unsettling, I found myself needing to retreat to somewhere comfortable. This ultra-violent Hit-Girl from Mark Millar’s Kick-Ass does the trick perfectly. Where the others leave me with a feeling like they will be climbing out from under my bed in the night, Hit-Girl clearly feels like she would be fighting at my side!


Released by Mezco Toyz

Jumping back into the deep end full tilt, this may be one of the single creepiest dolls I’ve ever seen. Her poem was all I had to hear to put this one on the list…

A broken doll with a broken face
Left in the corner unwanted, disgraced
The time has come, at the table she’s placed
Just don’t tell anyone that the tea is laced


Released By Mezco Toyz

There are so many great ways I could end this list of seven, but I think old Mortis himself, Death, should close this one out. Honestly, this is a beautiful rendition of the grim reaper. Off-putting yet approachable all at once, this is one doll I wouldn’t mind owning (if for no other reason than to keep the others in line, or at least at bay).

Looking Back Then Ahead!

The Living Dead Dolls began with two friends in New Jersey in 1998 and have grown year after year, cementing a solid fan base since that time. Originally they were made by hand from crafting doll bodies, but the modern versions have taken on new life since they joined up with Mezco Toyz. Over the years, their collectibility has only grown with each new series which is still designed by one of the original creators: Ed Long, Damien Glonek, or Michael “Mez” Markowitz.

What’s next? Mezco is closing the doors on series 30 with a set of exclusive variants (available now).

The official word:

Step right up and meet Wurm-the limbless wonder! A new doll joins the Living Dead Doll’s twisted carnival of sideshowfreaks! That’s right this limited edition set features not only new designs of the five original characters but an all new 6th Doll!! Wurm comes direct from his travels across the globe where he performed for royalty, and now he returns to us for your amazement.

There’s something for everyone here! Included in the set are 6 dolls, 6 banners and 6 carnival cards:

Banner: a carnival banner (approx 1.7 x 3 feet) designed in the classic carnival style. Printed on durable 13oz vinyl and is perfect for display, complete with grommets for hanging.

Carnival Cards: Each card features a different member of the sideshow on the front and an elaborate Living Dead Dolls Series 30 logo on the back.

Behold the twisted horror of Lydia the Lobster Girl, The FeeJee Mermaid, Edgrr, Lucy the Geek, Madame and Wurm. This Deluxe Limited Edition Variant Set is presented here, alive yet dead in defiance of the laws of man and nature, all in one tent!  We’ve scoured the furthest corners of the known world to bring you the most horrifying, spine-tingling freaks that have ever walked, crawled, or swam across the Earth!

Each doll stands ten inches tall and comes in signature coffin display box, and death certificate.  The exclusive banner is shipped unfolded in a sturdy tube. The cards are shipped in a protective envelope.

This Deluxe Limited Edition Variant Set is available exclusively at MezcoToyz.com

There are also hints of horrors to come with series #31!

The official word:

A rustle in a dark corner, a bump in the night, a noise under the bed can all cause such a fright. These are the things of bad dreams and plight, we strongly suggest you Don’t Turn Out The Lights.

The Living Dead Dolls proudly reveal their newest nightmarish series based on the things that make us afraid of the dark, featuring five dolls who exist only in the twilight: Umbral, Kreek, The Dark, Be a Neath ,Thump

Each is packed in their own coffin complete with death certificate. Each character stands ten inches tall with 5 points of articulation and real cloth clothing.

Series 31 ships in 04/16, but they have been watching you from the shadows for years.

This latest series is available for pre-order. Given that Mezco explains that they have a “vault” of both doll and collectible ideas that will last decades, the Living Dead Dolls’ collectible journey has only just begun. Be afraid. Be very afraid!