Founded in 2008 by Kim Fung Wong and Ashley Wood, 3A is a toy, publishing, and entertainment company known for its incredible detail when it comes to scaled figures. From creations by Popbot, Tomorrow Kings, World War Robot, Adventure Kartel, and Isabelle Pascha to widely known brands like Halo, Marvel, DC, Metal Gear Solid, Portal, Transformers, Judge Dread, and more, 3A is turning out amazing collectibles that fans are snatching up!

Today, 3A opened up its 2016 membership program with the following update…

What started off basically being me and Kim has grown into a wonderful town of super talented people that all work together to make what I truly believe is a special toy company! Kim and I get much of the attention, but in reality the skills and dedication of Siu, Brent, Greg, Rick, Jacky, Eddy, Curtis, Gimby, Cody, Candy, Eric and many many more make it happen as well! Likewise our supporters, the fans that hang in there through our mis-steps and bungles, the fans that support our original IP, your faith and energy is a big and special part of this ride, this is truly a privilege and is never forgotten!

I can honestly say that 2016 to me is our strongest year we have planned, from new artists and their lines, refreshing of core IP to just plain silly stuff, 3A is heading into what I see as a record label period, showcasing different voices and approaches and I couldn’t be happier!

Supporters in 2016 can look forward to the expansion of WWR, exploring new takes on G1 Transformers, the return of 1/6th editions of iconic 2000AD characters, collaborations with artists like Paul PopeAmanda Visell, and Casey Weldon. Cap and Spidey are coming up soon with even more Marvel to follow. Steel Age’s world of DC Heroes and Villains will expand. Lots planned, lots to do, and much much more.

Thanks chaps for everything, everything changes but me!


Curious about their membership program? 3AA 2016 Membership costs $180. For that price you will receive:

– Von De Plume – World War Robot, a 12-inch 1/6th scale fully articulated figure designed by Ashley Wood!

– Poster Tube Style Packaging Also Includes:

Membership Card x1
ThreeA 2016 Catalog x1
Double-Sided Paper Sleeve Poster x1
Sticker Pack
15% Discount Applied To All Orders Throughout 2016.
Discount Starts in 14 Days OR Before Next Bambaland Sale.

Membership price Includes WORLDWIDE shipping via courier with the set due out by June 2016.

If interested, I would act quick as the sale began today (January 15th) at 9 AM HK time and it is a 24-hour sale!