Our friends at Gentle Giant are really outdoing themselves with their line of life-sized monuments. This latest addition is going to tear the still beating heart of nostalgia right out of the chest of many a collector as they long to own this one. This SIX FOOT SCALE Boba Fett was digitally scanned from an authentic, mint-condition, 3 3/4″ action figure then seriously up-scaled. Not fixed in place, it features fully articulated movement and an authentic re-scaled replica of the original blaster accessory!

Seriously, take my money! Wait. How much? At $2,750 you’ll be digging deep into your backyard sarlacc pit monster’s gaping maw for loose change, but it will be worth pulling back a stub to own this treasure and it’s in stock (with free delivery) at Gentle Giant now.

Can you just imagine this on display in your living room right next to the television? Forget that leg lamp you got for Christmas. This is the collectible you need to celebrate your love of the new year and Mandalorians everywhere.