With hundreds of thousands of copies sold since 2001 and millions (and millions) of monsters slain, Munchkin has become a much loved dedicated deck card game. What began as a quirky little dungeon crawl featuring treasure, monsters, and a lot of knocking down of doors has grown quite a bit over the years. It’s evolved to include a landslide of spin-off editions ranging from zombies to superheroes to old Cthulhu himself. They’ve also added board games, expansion packs, toys, and even a comic book series, and it all continues to grow as does the brand’s slate of licensed properties.

Two recent additions to the franchise caught our eye. First, just in time for Halloween and the holidays, we saw the release of the first ever Nightmare Before Christmas edition of the game. A beloved film to be certain, but the announcement Wednesday that Marvel will have it’s own dedicated edition in April 2016 really has people talking.

Munchkin: The Nightmare Before Christmas

First, Munchkin: The Nightmare Before Christmas has you battling to be mayor of Halloween Town (and the rest of the town-filled world). You must wield power over your enemies, understand your assets, and know who you’re up against to win. It’s a playable look behind the scenes of Tim Burton’s imagination and this edition looks stunning.

This edition includes 168 cards with colorful custom illustrations featuring favorite Nightmare Before Christmas characters (96 Door cards, 72 Treasure cards). There is also a custom Oogie Boogie movie replica die in each set. You can learn more by visiting the USAopoloy page, where they’re taking you behind the scenes and detailing the release.

Munchkin Marvel Edition

For the Marvel Edition, USAopoly announced an all-new Munchkin game that fuses the classic card game fun of monster-slaying and role-playing with the iconic characters from the Marvel universe. Created under license from Steve Jackson Games and in conjunction with Marvel, Munchkin: Marvel Edition comes complete with new monsters (villains), allies (heroes), and custom S.H.I.E.L.D. Identification Cards.

This edition includes 6 oversized S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Role Cards, 168 Cards (including Door Cards and Treasure Cards), 6 Level Trackers, and a custom die. Munchkin Marvel Edition will be available in April 2016 and further details are available on the designer’s site.