“Gathered together from the cosmic reaches of the universe, here in this great Hall of Justice, are the most powerful forces for good ever assembled.” Those words from the 1970’s Super Friends cartoon ring very true for the upcoming Justice League movie as it hits theaters on November 17, 2017. Warner Brothers face the Sisyphus-like task of creating a shared universe and catching up with the rival Marvel enjoying a 15 film lead to Warner/DC’s two. However, the new Justice League film has gathered a core team of the most iconic heroes in its universe and Funko POP! has given the team its signature unique treatment.

The Justice League of America was conceived by writer Gardner Fox and debut in The Brave and the Bold #28 in March 1960. The concept was a reworking of the team concept first started by the Justice Society in the 1940’s. The name “League” was chosen because it better emulated the idea of teamwork with the burgeoning National Baseball League. The team’s roster has varied throughout the years with many of the company’s best heroes being indoctrinated into the team over the years. It has also enjoyed two highly successful animated series, one the aforementioned more kid-friendly named Super Friends from the 1970’s and the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited from the early 2000’s, as well as a couple of animated films. Other than a never released television movie, this will be the League’s first shot at a live action movie.


No discussion of the Justice can begin without Superman. Although absent from most of the marketing for the film after his apparent death in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Kal-El is most definitely back. Posed in the iconic superhero landing, his costume is a much lighter blue than his previous incarnations which makes the red and gold accents of the costume really stand out. His cape appears to billow in the wind and Superman looks defiantly forward, ready for action.


This Batman figure is a yet another in the specialized tactical suits employed by the Dark Knight. This suit is an armored battle outfit with black and silver accents throughout. Gold trims his knuckles and the tips of his boots, indicating that these are hardened striking surfaces. And his iconic yellow utility belt stands out strikingly against the black and silver. If Batman feels any emotion, they are hidden by his lowered silver goggles but his clenched fists speak volumes.

Wonder Woman

The third member of DC’s Trinity and the only female on the team, Wonder Woman is the Amazon Princess from Themyscara. Unlike her comic incarnation, this Diana is dressed in a multi-layered leather battle armor of red and blue with golden accents. Her red boots, with golden armor at the tips of her toes and extending high at her knees, nearly touches the tip of her skirt, giving her surprising coverage for such a seemingly impractical outfit. Silver bracelets cover the length of each forearm and she holds an ornate sword in one hand. In her other, she holds the mystical Lasso of Truth. No one can lie while encased in its braids and it will take on many other amazing properties in the Amazon Princess’s solo film. Her final adornment is her ornate golden tiara that sits below her raven hair.


The much-maligned King of the Seven Seas might finally get the respect he deserves in the personification of actor and strongman Jason Momoa. The Sea King is dressed in scaled emerald green and gold armor that resembles the scales of a fish. The color scheme has the deceptive quality of being both glistening in the sunlight and nearly opaque against the blackness of the sea. In a departure from his comic counterpart, this Arthur Curry has dark brown hair instead of blond. He also sports a rough beard and a “broken” right eyebrow. In both hands, he holds the silver Trident of Neptune, prepared to give anyone who opposes him a very bad day.

The Flash

Barry Allen is the Fastest Man Alive on any world but this Flash is a departure from not just his comic counterpart but also from his small screen version on the uber-popular CW television show by the same name. One of the major differences in the costume. The modular costume looks like armor and the one here looks like a more refined version of the costume in the media that looks like it was built from satellite and jet parts. The iconic white and yellow lightning bolt emblem adorns the center and lightning bolt antennas jut up from each earpiece. The headpiece is complete with the wide cut eye holes, allowing us to see Barry’s huge eyes. One hand is clenched in a fist and the other is open facing outward as if he is ready to fight but beckoning his opponent to stop and think in the same breath.


The newest addition both to the team and the history of comics, Cyborg is the team’s technological marvel and perhaps most tragic member. Victor Stone’s entire body and 1/4 of his face are covered with bright silver and layered cybernetic armor, effectively making him a walking tank. His right eye is a bright red cybernetic piece attached to his full headpiece that has several capabilities and a small blue gem in the center of his forehead shows his connectivity to the otherworldly technologies that make up his cybernetics. Only his partially visible face portrays the strong humanity that still exists in this hero.

These six heroes are the best and brightest of the DC Universe and the Justice League film has the hopes of millions on it for its ability to be the successful start to the continuing cinematic franchise. But win or lose, we will still have this amazing set of figures from the Funko Pop! people that will always defend your bookshelves from evil. The set will arrive with a thunderous bang on store shelves on August 12th, 2017.