It’s no secret around the office how big a fan of the 1979 movie Alien I am. Even as I type this article, I have two Ripley action figures staring lovingly into my eyes (don’t judge). So I would be remiss not to make a list chronicling my favorite Alien collectibles. So without further ado...

5. Ken Taylor “Alien” art for Mondo

Ken Taylor Alien poster for Mondo
Credit: Mondo

We have tons of great Alien tribute art to choose from but this piece by Ken Taylor is easily my favorite of the bunch. Featuring the three main characters and "The Engineer", the poster captures what is perhaps the most awe-inspiring moment of the movie, when they enter the Derelict alien craft and discover the large creature.

4. Alien Vinyl Bank

Credit: ThinkGeek

Sure you can keep money in the “bank” where they’ll “protect” it, but wouldn’t you feel a lot more comfortable if your money was being guarded by the most perfect organism in the universe? I like to imagine H.R. Giger kept his life savings and will in a bank like this. Storing your money in here is sure to keep any prying hands far away from your money, all while classing up the room.

3. NECA Kane Action Figure

NECA Kane action figure
Credit: NECA

NECA has made it's name making affordable, high quality, action figures and their Alien line is no exception. The attention to detail on the Kane figure is quite astonishing for something that only costs around $25. Featuring the face hugged version of Kane, it's so real looking you’ll find yourself wondering when something might exploded from his chest.

2. Funko ReAction Alien (Metallic Body)

Credit: Funko

The simple retro designs of the Funko Reaction line have caught the eye of quite a few collectors, including me. This retro styled line of figures came in two series and featured almost every character from the first movie. I’m a sucker for retro designs and the Alien is the best of the bunch. And for 10 bucks each these won’t break the bank…oh, and speaking of banks.

1. Gentle Giant Jumbo Xenomorph

Now, my number one item on the list is also the one I’m least likely to ever own, but regardless this jumbo vintage Alien figure by Gentle Giant is something I've been dying to put on my shelves. Coming in at 24 inches and $499 dollars you certainly have to be willing to spend a pretty penny on this. But for the sheer size and awe factor of this beast, I think you’ll be getting your money's worth.