Which company found itself featured as part of an article in the December issue of Entrepreneur Magazine? It was CompleteSet, of course! In fact, our company’s CEO, Gary Darna, led the article with a full page photo highlighting him and our wonderful office space.

As part of the 2016 trends issue, the article focused on “The Case For Office Space”. Penned by Paula Andruss with photos by Jesse Chehak, the article had a lot of good things to say about what we are growing here in Cincinnati, OH. We invite you to track down a copy at your local bookstore (or wherever magazines are sold) and give it a read. Also, don’t miss those great Star Wars and Ghostbuster toys we had on hand for the back of the shot. Can’t forget our collectibles, right?

It may not have any droids represented, but this is the cover you are looking for!

Entrepreneur Magazine