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Seller Success Stories

  • “Nobody has the extra time it takes to take decent photos, write detailed listings, respond to tons of questions, track down payments, properly pack and ship their collectibles… especially when you’re selling more than 3 items. CompleteSet Consignment completely took the burden of selling my collection so all I had to do was sit back and collect a check. It was absolutely worth the commission and I will absolutely use CompleteSet again in the future!” – Justin Boh

  • “Selling can be a cumbersome process but with CompleteSet the experience is easy and seamless. I trust the team to take care of my items and accurately value them for buyers. I will definitely be selling more collectibles with CompleteSet.” -Chris Bergman

  • “CompleteSet made selling my collection of Be@rbricks and other designer toys incredibly easy. I didn’t have the time to piecemeal my collection and list on eBay. CompleteSet handled everything from cataloging, listing, selling and shipping my items. I dropped-off my collection and collected my money when the items sold. It couldn’t have been any easier. ” – Eron Bucciarelli-Tieger

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