We keep an eye out for any hint of things to come and this prototype of a proposed Hot Toys figure has us drooling

The tag line for these photos reads “In response to the Civil War, so it was born! Hot Toys Iron Man Transformation.” The photos come to us via a post by Shen Gong Yu who has our thanks. This is an utterly amazing look at the detail present in this prototypes and, for a moment, we get to watch as it evolves in startling detail. Sit back and enjoy the wonderful visual show to follow here…

As you would expect with photos unveiled this early, there is no word on whether or not this little beauty will be produced and certainly no word on pre-order, price, or street date. This is about as fresh as you’re going to find in terms of a reveal, and I have to say, this one borders on a masterpiece I would love to see from Hot Toys.

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