When you think Halloween, do you opt for the creepy, the haunting, the bloody, or are you all about the cuddly? When it comes to October’s end, we’re pleased to serve up a mix of current and past collectibles that can cover any corner of your creepy little cubby hole. Whether you’re kicking out candy with the kids or having your own horrific little hoopla for the holiday, here are a mix of things to get you in the mood and add a bit to the festivities.

1. Pumpkins Worth Pursuing

Our current carving tradition originated in Ireland where large turnips and potatoes were first decorated for the season. When immigrants came to America things evolved as the common pumpkin began lighting the night and quickly carved out a niche for itself as an unquestioned icon of the season. Whether you’re looking for an instant Funko classic from their POP! Disney line, an utterly inexplicable Darth Vader, or you find yourself waiting with bated breath for this year’s Adventure Kartel Zombkin to rise up, there are so many ways to express your love of these gorgeous gourds (and pumpkins too) that we could do a whole article just walking you through the mix of interesting examples. Personally, and I may be a softie, but my vote goes to an item that is iconically Disney. Check out Enesco’s “Halloween Magic”. It may not be a spine-chiller but it is a solid little Mickey Mouse themed pumpkin decoration from designer Jim Shore’s Disney Traditions Collection.

2. Make Mine Universal

It’s hard to think of Halloween without conjuring up the classic Universal movie monsters. I begin with a second tip of the hat to Funko POP! with their boxed set featuring Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, and the Creature From The Black Lagoon. In today’s film fare, creatures of the night just get creepier and creepier each year but this set sums up the almost cuddly nature these creatures now hold for many fans. Over time I would argue that the love affair people have with these classics comes from the emotion that set these monsters apart from the rest. They had heart and this Mondo print by Laurent Durieux hits that note perfectly serving up Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein as a gentle giant and a solid example of the humanity behind these legendary icons. Whether you like your creatures of the night as action figures or with a cupcake on top, there are a lot of ways to share in and re-imagine the almost 40 years of film history that covered the Universal monster heyday.

3. Forget Universal, There’s Only One Halloween And It’s All About Michael Myers

Who says questionable sweaters have to be exclusive to Christmas? Let’s challenge that tradition as Michael Myers calls forth his bloody vengeance in this Mondo knit sweater filled with retro cool and it’s even better when paired with a nice little matching scarf. All kidding aside though, this Ken Taylor limited edition poster speaks volumes regarding the tone and iconic imagery of this film which was so associated with the Halloween season in the late 70s and early 80s. Mondo hits this note again and again and again with their reverent sendups to key moments and atmosphere from the film.

4. Dress For Success

Owing its roots in tradition to the Celtic festival of Samhain, Halloween costumes have gone from kids’ fare to sexy adult outfits and back again over the years. Everyone gets in on the dress up these days and here are a few playful examples from CompleteSet to get you thinking about your ensemble for the holiday. Keeping it simple, get a load of the horns on this Loki hoodie right out of the Thor films. Not geeking out over the Marvel Universe? Let’s talk Pusheen for a moment as you consider this Kigurumi Costume. Still not hooking you? How about a little Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action with this Raphael costume? On the more playful side of the fence you could go for a Vader dress, a White Rabbit costume, or don your Pink Ranger outfit for battle. For me, I’ll opt for a Charlie Brown costume and call it a day.

5. Never Forget The Nightmare

Is it a Christmas movie? Is it a Halloween film? Who cares. Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is a perfect segway between the seasons and a great way to end this mini-list. Considering it originated from a poem Tim Burton wrote in 1982 while working as an animator for Disney, it’s amazing how much this film is loved and inspires more and more collectibles each year. There are so many choices here but I think a life size Jack Skellington bust from NECA is a worthy spot to start your obsession with the film. Danny Elfman’s soundtrack is as much a part of the tradition as the film itself. Have you seen this limited edition, artwork covered LP version of the soundtrack? A beautiful display piece for the audiophile in your life. From cookie jars to Monopoly games to a shadowbox of note, it’s all a little spooky and a whole lot of wonderful. I could see myself walking down the collectible road with Jack snagging more stuff than I should for my next pumpkin carving party, as it’s a bit of a family tradition each season in our home. One little fun fact before we go. Did you know that The Nightmare Before Christmas was not the first appearance of Jack Skellington in film? Next time you are watching Beetlejuice, I challenge you to spot our little black and white hero as Tim Burton worked him into this one five years before Nightmare debuted.