It may take a podracer going full throttle to get them in your hands by Christmas day, but these Star Wars logo bookends would make a solid gift for any film fan. Available now from Gentle Giant LTD/3D Systems for just $60, can’t you just see your blu-rays or Star Wars book collection nestled comfortably between them?

Here’s what the company has to say regarding this stylish little library accent…

“For almost 40 years, Star Wars has been a staple in Pop Culture worldwide. With its iconic characters and imagery, to its groundbreaking special effects, to its resounding musical score, the legacy of Star Wars remains strong.

Gentle Giant LTD/3D Systems has created a homage to the iconic logo that emblazens the screen at the start of each film. The Star Wars Logo Bookends are a classic design that creates a display suitable for any room of your home. These bookends are idea for books, and can even be used for DVDs and video games, or just displayed as is.”

While considering bookends, you may want to weigh your options before making that final choice. We advise taking a look at some other Star Wars options including Imperial Seal and Rebel Seal bookends. Looking for something with a bit more action for your shelf? Show your AT-AT love with these single split and doubled up mini versions of the menacing Imperial Walkers!

As always, when it comes to the galaxy far, far away there is no limit to your collectible choices!