As a toy collector, getting older certainly has its downsides. Walking into a Toys “R” Us by yourself as a grown man can be a bit… weird. On top of that we’ve outgrown all of our toys. Literally! Most toys were designed with kids in mind and no longer fit into our giant grown up hands. Luckily, I scoured the web and found some toys that will make even the biggest kid happy.

1. Kidrobot Giant Munny

Built by the experts of the Art Toy, Kidrobot, this life size Dunny is taller than an Ewok. KidRobot makes it in a few different variants including chalkboard (pictured above) for when you’re feeling extra artistic. I just hope you got some extra cash in that wallet cause one of these big boys will put you back $5,000. However if you do these rare beauties are truly a sight to behold and will be the crowning addition to any collection.

2. Gentle Giant Alien

Scanned using the original canceled figures from Kenner, this monstrous figure stands over a foot high! Gentle Giant produced a number of variants including the all gold one seen above, as well as a glow in the dark and chrome finished option.  Good luck getting to sleep with this thing in your room at night.

3. Gentle Giant Boba Fett

Like it’s cousin the Gentle Giant Jumbo Alien figure, Gentle Giant has made a stunning large scale figure based on the Kenner figures of the late 70s. It’s like they took your childhood and made it adult sized! Not only are these an exact replica of the classic figures, they also come with a jumbo card and blister pack. All for only $500.

4. Giant Skeletor

OK, so this one is going to cost you a bit more than the others on this list because this behemoth is one of a kind. Custom built and sculpted by Diego D. Gonzalez this towering figure is 10 times the size of the original. Wonder if he’ll be making the blister pack next?

5. Everblock

Building something when you were a kid was so easy. You’d just grab two Lego bricks and stick them together. Building as an adult is much more difficult. You have to get building permits, tools, materials, and have the skills to actually build it. For those of us who still want to build like a kid there is Everblock. A modular, lego-like building system for creating coffee tables, room dividers, and more. They’re putting a bit of fun back in DIY.

Well there you have it whether you are just a former kid who’s grown up or a young one who’s got a case of gigantism, these toys will be sure to fit their giant imaginations.