One of my favorite types of collectibles combines two of my favorite things: Disney and food! While there are many kitchen accessories covered in Disney pixie dust, salt and pepper shakers have a special place in my heart. Spice shakers have been gracing the shelves and kitchen tables of collectors for decades and Disney is no exception. And what’s not to love? They offer us an opportunity add a little magic to our tables and a little fun to cooking. So sit down, maybe grab a snack from your own kitchen, and check out our ten favorite Disney salt and pepper shakers!

10. Mickey Mouse Salt And Pepper Shakers

I suppose the best place to start this list would be the beginning. Disney has been steadily flooding the market with merchandise for a very long time, and the 1930s gave us some really great (and sometimes really creepy) pieces. This shaker set from the UK gives us a look at what some of the earlier Mickey Mouse merchandise looked like, weird expressions and all. Mickey has come a long way, and these shakers sure make us glad!

9. Wedding Mickey And Minnie Salt And Pepper Set

Moving a little further into the future, here is a more modern, wedding themed Mickey and Minnie Mouse set, sure to bring a little romance to your meal. All dressed up and shiny, Mickey and Minnie make an adorable addition to your Disney collection. Proclaim your love with these salt and pepper shakers, and maybe this cute set of bride and groom mugs, too!

8. Mickey And Minnie Mouse Ear Hat Salt And Pepper Shakers

Fans of the Disney Parks are sure to love these fun little salt and pepper shakers. They are tiny ceramic versions of the classic Mickey and Minnie ear hats that the parks have become so well known for. Minnie’s hat is complete with her ever present polka dot bow and accompanied by her true love Mickey’s hat. Everything about these screams Walt Disney World to me (or Disneyland if you’re so inclined) and makes me want to get to the Happiest Place On Earth ASAP. (Also, don’t miss these fun little Magic Kingdom trash can shakers that didn’t quite make the list!)

7. Mickey Mouse Icon Food Salt And Pepper Shakers

Speaking of Disney Parks, what else is something else we love about them? The food, of course! Disney Parks are full of all kinds of culinary goodies, from American classics to gourmet fare. These adorable little salt and pepper shakers are shaped like two of the tastiest treats you can find at the parks, a Premium Ice Cream Bar and a Coated Crisped Rice Treat, both covered in glossy chocolate and shaped like the now iconic mouse ears.

6. Mad Tea Party Salt And Pepper Shakers

If the rides are your favorite part of Disney parks, then this set is for you! The Mad Tea Party ride has been operating since Disneyland’s opening in 1955, and today there is a version of it at all five of the Disney Parks around the world. If the spinning whirl of the teacup calls to you, then you definitely need this shaker set for your next lunch, dinner, or unbirthday party!

5. Magic Kingdom Salt And Pepper Set

Before we move on from Disney Park inspired sets, you definitely need to see this beautifully nostalgic set featuring designs styled after the art in vintage park maps. The pepper shaker features a delightfully retro spaceship, à la Tomorrowland, while the salt shaker has a similarly styled Sleeping Beauty Castle. If you love all things retro, be sure and check out some of our other vintage Disney collectibles, like this poster for the 1965 World’s Fair!

4. Hakuna Matata Salt And Pepper Shakers

Moving onto sets inspired by Disney films, let’s begin with The Lion King. If you grew up in the 1990s like I did, you probably had Lion King everything. Perhaps this purring Simba or purring Nala? Maybe this tiny Pride Rock playset? (I had all three!) The Lion King is definitely high on my list of favorite Disney movies, so this salt and pepper shaker set is a must have! Burned your dinner? No worries, Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa are here to remind you to Hakuna Matata (and maybe just order some pizza tonight.)

3. Jack And Sally Heads Salt And Pepper Shakers

Another film to gather a big following in the 1990s was that spooky stop motion favorite from Tim Burton, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Pumpkin King Jack Skellington makes a few appearances as a salt and pepper set, sometimes solo, sometimes with his undead love Sally. Here, we have not only Jack and Sally, but a creepy tree to hang the shakers from. Any of these would make a prefect companion to your Deadly Night Shade cookie jar or Zero teapot!

2. Frozen Salt And Pepper Shakers

Fast forward to 2013 and a little film called Frozen waltzed into our lives. It was an instant hit, and chances are, you’re still singing “Let It Go” whether you want to or not! There’s been plenty of Frozen merchandise gracing the shelves since then, from dolls, to figurines, to LEGO sets, and of course, that includes the ever popular salt and pepper shakers. This set features Princess Anna and Queen Elsa, plus their loyal friends Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven. These fun shakers are sure to add a feeling of warmth to your kitchen table and remind you that some collectibles are worth melting for.

1. Rapunzel Tower Salt And Pepper Set

Another more recent Disney princess to grace the screen is none other than Rapunzel, with her long, magical hair. Feisty, kind, and artistic, what’s not to love about her? Like Rapunzel, this is one of the more creative salt and pepper sets on our list. These complimentary shakers actually stack on top of one another (held together magnetically) to create Mother Gothel’s tower with Rapunzel’s long hair flowing out the window.

Bonus: Crush And Marlin Salt And Pepper Shakers

Closing out our list are some lovable sea creatures from one of Disney’s much loved collaborations with Pixar, Finding Nemo. Here, we have everyone’s favorite laid back sea turtle, Crush, and (not so laid back) clown fish, Marlin. Or, if you prefer, there is also a pair consisting of Marlin and Dory. Remember to just keep seasoning!