This “Mother List” could contain a hundred more powerful female characters in Pop Culture. We’ve selected just a few of our favorites to highlight. See if your personal favorite made our short list.

There is an endless number of powerful, kickass moms we could include on this list. It’s nearly impossible to narrow it down. Below is a short list of some dynamic women in pop culture who happen to also be mothers.  While some choices may seem controversial, each mom on this list offers something that we can all learn from, whether we happen to be parents or not.

Elastigirl, The Incredibles

Helen Parr, also known as Elastigirl or Mrs. Incredible, conquers raising three children, each with their own superpowers while maintaining her family’s cover in the witness protection program. Even with superpowers, it can’t be easy to fight crime while you’ve got a small baby, especially one like Jack-Jack, at home.

Morticia Addams, The Addams Family

This eccentric mom spent her time teaching her children to hold their heads up high no matter how kooky their “quirks”.  Her progressive views and wicked wit make her an excellent role model along with her constant message to never worry so much about what others think. You do you.

Marge Simpson, The Simpsons

She puts up with a lot (A LOT) of nonsense from her husband and their children. Along with having the tallest beehive ‘do, she also has the patience of a saint. Marge is always willing to forgive and forget while never backing down on her principles.  This happy homemaker is full of compassion and undying love for her family.  Always putting the kids and Homer first, Marge is the Queen of self-sacrifice.

Catelyn Stark, Game of Thrones

This mom was willing to kill for her children and ultimately died herself to protect them. Never backing down in fear, she stood up against anyone that threatened the well-being of her family. Her story is one of a nurturer, protector, and avenger.  Whether it’s fighting off her child’s would-be assassin, urging Ned to make decisions based on the safety and future of their children, or fighting for her own life in order to remain for all of her children, Catelyn Stark’s a reminder that family is always first.

Mrs. Jumbo, Disney’s Dumbo

Bring out the tissues. As soon as Mrs. Jumbo snuggles Dumbo up in her trunk that she has stretched through her jail bars and starts singing Baby Mine, the tears start flowing. She defends her son against the circus bullies and shows him love despite his differences. Her love is unconditional and never-ending. The judgment of the others at the circus of her son’s enormous ears causes this sweet Momma Elephant to turn into an angry mama bear.  Her constant companionship and love help Dumbo push through his sadness and find his true calling.

Beatrix Kiddo/The Bride, Kill Bill Vols 1 & 2

There is no force greater than a mother’s love — unless you give that mother weaponry. Throughout both movies, The Bride seeks to exact vengeance on Bill & the Vipers for killing her unborn child. Her anger and heartbreak over losing her right to mother feed her behavior. She devotes her life to seeking revenge in the name of her unborn child.

Sarah Connor, The Terminator

No one is messing with this badass mom. She will do anything to ensure John’s safety. While she may not offer him nurturing through words or smother him with affection, her devotion through her actions is quite clear. Sarah demonstrates that sometimes it’s important to face fears and never give up. Determination will eventually crush any obstacles.

Alien Queen, Alien

Ripping yourself apart to bring down the judgment on those that dare harm your children is taking parenting to a whole new level. While Alien Queen doesn’t seem like a natural choice to appear on a ‘favorite moms’ list, everything this mother did was fueled by a devotion and love for her offspring. Her anger was driven by a perceived threat to the things she cherished most.  As a parent, we would all do what we gotta do but let us hope it never comes to tearing off limbs.

Joyce Byers, Stranger Things

Joyce never stops believing that her son Will is alive. She refuses to give up on him and faces unknown dimensions in order to try to reach him.  No one else’s judgments of her and her mental state stop her mission to recover her son. She was well aware that her belief that Will was still alive sounded crazy but nothing deterred her from following her gut. Ultimately her determination paid off. After donning a hazmat suit and navigating the Upside Down she was reunited with her son.

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