Most collectors aren’t rich people. We have to save and scrounge for months or years to afford that must have item for our collection. Even so, some of us could save for years and years and still never be able to buy these 5 pricey products. Still it’s fun to dream so let’s take a look at 4 of the most expensive toys ever sold at auction.

Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant Beanie Baby – $3,000.

Beanie Babies were THE fad of the late 1990s. Their insane rise to popularity and the fever that followed took America by storm. Everyone and their mother were hoarding these little bags of bean thinking they’d be worth a fortune. Well, some people were lucky enough to cash out before the value of their collections plummeted. Notably the owner of a Peanut The Royal Blue Elephant, who sold at auction in 2000 (the peak of the fad) for $3,000.

Rocket Firing Boba Fett – $16,000.

The rocket firing Boba Fett figure is one with a long history known by hardcore Star Wars collectors. The short version is Kenner, the makers of the figures, cancelled a version of their Boba Fett that featured a missile launching backpack. When an L shaped lever was pressed a projectile would shoot from the backpack across the room (a J shaped lever variant is slightly more common). Worried about choking hazards, Kenner pulled the figure after only a few were made. Rumor has it only a dozen or so versions of this figure were produced.

Nerf Turbo 1989 Whistler Football – $1,500

Everyone had a whistler football as a child. Something about adding a simple whistle to a football made it a MUST have item. NERF went on to sell millions of these foam eggs but the original is now highly coveted by collectors. In fact, new in box Nerf Turbo Screamers have sold for over $1000. Their relative rarity is mostly due to the tendency of NERF foam to fall apart with age. If you have one in good shape, it might not be a bad idea to throw it up on eBay if you can resist playing with it.

Nintendo Stadium Events – $22,800

This ultra rare pre-Nintendo version of the popular PowerPad accessory will occasionally pop up on eBay where the bidding always reaches nearly $20,000. Only 200 or so of this version of the PowerPad were made before Nintendo acquired the manufacturer and rebranded the entire thing.

In 2011 it sold on eBay for $22,800 dollars and again in 2015 for $21,000.

So if you got a few thousand lying around you might be able to drop it on these cool items. Or you know, a car or something.